The Transmedicalist Ideology and How it’s Proven to Be Accurate

Much controversy has appeared amongst the transgender community regarding the science behind transgenderism, and if it’s proven itself to be a medical condition, or merely a social construct. While many may object to the transmedicalist ideology, there is scientific evidence backing up the argument, therefore cannot be denied.

As a transgender individual, I for one, can share my reasoning as to my identity and why I have concluded my life as a female. Growing up, I have presented myself as female while bearing an intense feeling of internalized masculinity since my mere beginning. Upon becoming more emotionally/mentally stable and acquiring a certain level of maturity, I’ve grown to understand this feeling; later labeling it as Gender Dysphoria. At the time of my coming out, I had done an extensive amount of research on this condition and have felt I closely pertained to it since. The said feeling of internalized masculinity has lead me to believe myself a male upon understanding this ‘feeling’ was, in fact, because I possess a male brain. Gender Dysphoria is the condition linked to being transgender, consisting of a difference between one’s gendered brain and biological sex. Many people confuse sex with gender, hence the majority of transphobia cases. Biological sex is determined by one’s genitalia while gender is defined by the amount of grey and white matter one’s brain comprises. While they may present as two different concepts, gender and sex correlate–Cisgenderism is caused by one’s gendered brain matching their biological sex (ex. a female identity owning female genitalia), while transgenderism is caused by one’s gendered brain not matching their biological sex (ex. a male identity owning female genitalia). Those who identify as transgender often pursue a medical transition to alter their bodies to match the gender of which they identify with. The majority of the population identifies as cisgender while only a sliver of it identifies as transgender. There’s a reason for this, and transgenderism isn’t a common condition. As studies have determined this claim, it is clear that one requires Gender Dysphoria to truly identify as such, and that when an identity is mistaken, internal conflicts are to occur.

While it may seem strange, there is a community that outwardly opposes the transmedicalist ideology. These folks are known as tucutes. The term was first coined by a Tumblr user who believes GD isn’t a requirement of being transgender, and amongst this social media platform, this belief is rather common. You may hear them often referred to as ‘Social Justice Warriors’ or ‘Transtrenders’ if not simply tucutes. However, this false ideology is truly problematic and causes harm to not only the transgender community as a whole, but to even youth who strongly believe in it. The trans community is hurt when we aren’t perceived as what we candidly are, inducing transphobia, and misconception that has lead to ignorance, discrimination, untrue stereotypes, outlet deprivation, and the list only goes on. In regards to the tucute ideology itself affecting the lives of today’s youth, there are many reasons as to why there is but negative impact: An impressionable child or adolescent may be mislead to believe that either their own bodily insecurities are due to them being transgender, or that gender is limitless and is something ‘trendy.’ In contemporary America, what’s currently trending is oppression. Many view oppression as a way to get societal recognition and/or to be viewed as ‘different.’ With the trans community facing oppression, naturally these folks may desire that identity to appear as such but upon being confronted for such a perspective, need something to back up their argument. Without any scientific information, they often bring morals regarding diversity to the table (ex. validating all genders and being accepting of everyone). Now, with there being a wide population of individuals possessing this same view, much of our society’s youth is influenced into believing they are transgender when really, they aren’t. Not only is this psychologically impacting, but it can lead a cisgender individual to undergo certain things to medically transition from one sex to another, which if done so, is incredibly damaging. As I previously stated, many transgender folks medically transition to alter their bodies to match the gender of which they identify with. What must be understood about transitioning is that the said alterations are irreversible, and while there is such thing as detransitioning, it doesn’t completely reverse one’s initial transition; causing them to live with gender dysphoria throughout the rest of their lives. Why is this? Because when the gendered mind doesn’t match the biological sex, a sense of discomfort and dissatisfaction with the body occurs, so upon transitioning without necessity, it only does physical, mental, and possibly financial damage since the process is quite costly. Overall, when the proven-to-be-true ideology of transmedicalism is denied, there stems a great deal of harm done to those involved in this argument, and the identities of many are being toyed with simply due to a misconception and lack of will to view facts as facts.

The harsh world stops for no one, and to alter your body and mind simply for appearances is only vexed amongst not only yourself but those who truly do pertain. So please, do your research, self-evaluate, and get an accurate understanding of what your identity means before pursuing a change within it. – Kai Rain Jiilaal Paolucci